Wholesaler Easy Purchase Order with 1-Click

If you have an auto repair store or Auto parts retail store, or you have an e-Store for selling auto parts items, you can easily just registered as our wholesaler member so you can enjoying many benefit as Bellowing:

1) You will be authorized to download our web-store any products' information which including and not limited for copying our listing products professional description, products copyright photos & pictures, Brand name, etc. upload to your Store for Advertising, listing & selling or use them for any business marketing purpose;

2) Enjoying the free shipping price difference between wholesale and retail which at least around 16-25% good gross margin (according to our MSRP - Bottom retail limited price) and over benefit of your retail price exceed our provided MSRP price under your decision, your options and your right.

3) We offered free shipping wholesale price so you can Enjoying our direct free shipping service to your end consumers & buyers via FedEx and If you shipped via USPS to your end consumers & Buyers, you also can enjoying our shipping fee rebate which amount will be deducted from our Free Shipping wholesale price directly;

4) After your sold any one item from your Store or e-Store which download & copied from our web-site, you just need come back to our web-site purchase the same item via "1-Click" button and an Order status of "in waiting Zelle/Quickpay Payment" will be right now emailed to you for you arrange QuickPay or Zelle transfer payment accordingly and when your payment confirmation No. with your end buyer's shipping address (or Your attached PDF Format USPS Shipping Label) received via replied back email, we will right now shipped out your sold item to your end buyer and a order status of change to "In Procession" with FedEx Tracking No. (or USPS Rebated shipping Rate receipt No.) and related Invoice will be email back to you ASAP.

5) After the item delivered, a email with Order status of "completed' will be email to you and within 30 days from delivery day if your buyer want to return the items because any of their reason (Such as item size doesn't fit, change the mind, etc.), return are free accepted and when our warehouse received the return items with the original manufacturer's package which not effected re-sale, within 48 hours the payment will be refund via Quick Pay or Zelle transfer to your bank account in full amount; But If your buyer return reason is because of our item quality defect claim then you have to contact & Ask for your end buyer to provided the detailed defect description form with related products' defect pictures (pictures need our brand name printed in the products) and submit to us for clarify and verify, within 48 Hours we will come to a conclusion either reject claim or accept claim: if accept your end buyer's claim we will provided return shipping label and when defected item returned to our warehouse within 48 Hours we will arrange refund your money via same Quick Pay or Zelle back to your bank accordingly.

6) Sometimes due to shipping Carrier's reason, your end buyer claim for the purchased item not received, here is mainly 3 solution way as: 1) if tracking No. online does not show any "item received by Carrier" information such as item may missed scan or caused by any other problem, we will right now refund your payment in full amount within 48 hours from the date of received your claim; 2) if Tracking No. online shows item "in-Transit" but Tracking detailed information shows item missed on a certain carrier's terminal over 7 days: if carrier are FedEx (We create the shipping Label) then we will in charge of claim carrier and refund your payment right now, if carrier is USPS (You provide the shipping Labels) then you have to contact Carrier for claim your package lost directly; 3) if tracking No. online shows the items already be delivered and you provided end buyer's shipping address no mistake then you have to decline your buyer's "item not received claim" accordingly.

Do hope above information are useful for you, any questions please contact us at 516-986-8282 or email us at Akingwang9@gmail.com, we will reply you within 1 working day.